Hi. We're The Barn.

Welcome to The Barn—a production company specializing in indie movie musicals.

Our name stems from the old adage, “we got a barn, let’s put on a show,” which is indie filmmaking in a nutshell. Don’t wait for permission, make a movie with what you got. We may not have a backlot (or even a barn), but we’ve got something better—a community of driven and talented artists hellbent on making movie musicals.

We strive to tell stories from unique voices, to explore diverse musical styles and to push the genre in unexpected directions. 

We say our movies are the off-Broadway of Hollywood, or “off-Hollywood.” They are intimate, heartfelt, low-budget stories that follow a certain set of musical rules, as follows:

Meet the Farmers

Matt and Jeffrey met over a decade ago working on a stop motion set building miniature mountains of trash. They quickly became friends and filmmaking partners working together on countless projects. They share a common spirit that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and a restless energy to create. They founded The Barn in 2020 as a collaborative home for the furthering of the movie musical.

When not making movie musicals, The Barn is a full-service production company. Check out some of our client work.


Matthew Andrews

Matt is a producer, writer, and lyricist with a penchant for musicals and puppets. He earned a degree in film from UC Santa Cruz and freelanced in Los Angeles before becoming an indentured servant to actor Rainn Wilson—who hasn’t stopped calling. He resides in Eagle Rock with his four-legged best friend, Walter.



Jeffrey D. Simon

Jeffrey is a producer, director, writer, and composer. He focused on movie musicals while earning his MFA from USC Film School. Previously, he spent 10 years as an art director working on blockbusters (Spider-man: Homecoming, Edge of Tomorrow), indies (Filly Brown) and TV. He’s obsessed with synthesizers and cooking with his husband in Eagle Rock.

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